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BlackBatFan's Profile Picture
My Hobbies: to reade, to Draw, Collage to issue,

My Favo Animes: Yugioh 5ds, Mai Hime, Sabel Rider and the Starsheriffs, and much more.

*My Favo Anime Paar:
Yusei/Akiza, Natsuki/Shizuru, April/

My Favo Superheroes/Heroes

Wonder Woman,
Supergirl (Kara Zor-el),
Wonder Girl (Cassandra "Cassie" Sandmark),
Back Bat (Cassandra Cain),
Batgirl IV (Stephanie Brown),
Spoiler (Stephanie Brown),
Black Cat (Spider-Man),
Oracel, Batgirl (Babara Gordon),
Black Canary (Dinah Lance),
Huntress (Helena Bertinelli),
Max (Dark Angel),
Mara Jade Skaywarker,
The 9-11 Doctor (Doctor Who),
Cirilla "Ciri" Fiona elen Riannon
Geralt of Riva

my Favo Supervillians/Villians

Lex Luthor,
Gorilla Grodd,
Harley Quinn,
Poison Ivy,
Doktor Doom,
Doktor Octopus,
Mr. Sinester,
Granny Goodniss,
The Master (Buffy),
Bürgermeister Wikins,
The First Evil,
Emperor Palpatine,
Darth Vader,
Graf Dooku,
General Grievos,
Shere Khan,
Prince John,
The Master (Doktor Who),
Gul Dukat,
General Chang,
Rumpelstilzchen/Mr. Gold (Once Upon A Time)
The Evil Queen/Regina (Once Upon a Time)
Zelana/ The Wicket Witch on the West (Once Upon a Time

My Favo Actor:

Sir Christpher Lee, (Fanboy)
Sir Ian McKellen,
Sara Michelle Galler,
Jessica Alba,
Viggo Morrtensen,
James Masters,
Michelle Trachtenberg,
Sean Bean,
John Rhys-Davies,
David Boreanaz,
Eliza Dushku
Peter Dinklage
Charles Dancer
Maisie William
Tom Hiddleston
Glenn Close
Robert Carlyle
Conleht Hill
Lana Parrilla

My favo Charakter by Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire.

Tyrion Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Lady Orlenna Tyrell
Arya Stark
Ned Stark
Cathlyn Stark
Sansa Stark
Rob Stark
Jon Schnee
Robert Baratheon
Daenery Targaryen
Sandor "Der Bluthund" Clegane
Margery Tyrell
Jamie Lannister
Petyr "Littelfinger" Baelish
Stannis Baratheon
Davos Seawart

Characters that you want to burn in the seven Hells

Joffrey Baratheon
Cersei Lannister
Gregor "Der Berg" Clegane
Viserys Targaryen

X-23 Laura Kinney X-Men Stamp by dA--bogeyman Killer's eye by Laura-Kinney:thumb148435826:
Bat-Stamp 03 by theEyZmaster My Hime-Natsuki Kuga Stamp by Ivenetta-Zweifel
MARVEL The Avengers + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler Marvel Love Stamp by Spark-plug Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86
DC Love Stamp by Spark-plug DC Comics Batman Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman DC Comics Joker Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Hades stamp by LadyBeelze Villains Rule VI by renatalmar Villains Rule XII by renatalmar
Palpatine Stamp by Gallant-Warrior Star Wars Jedi Stamp 15 by dA--bogeyman Stamp: Sith by 8manderz8
Star Wars Sith Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman Star Wars Sith Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Grievous Stamp by Capella336 Star Wars Sith Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman
BtVS stamps: Buffy by Severka BtVS stamps: Faith by Severka Jessica Alba as Max Guevara by RainiaNyteWolf
Christopher Lee Demotivational by will-o-the-wispy
Off to Mordor by DarthYoda42 Saruman by Cathines-Stamps :thumb212986294: :thumb140968819:
:STAMP: Witch King Fan by MoonstalkerWerewolf
Be Prepared by AshPnX
Christopher Lee by crow69
Hades Fan Button by Kyu-Dan
demona stamp by byrdiethemotley
Villain Luff Stamp by Miyazaki-A2
Bowser Fan stamp by HavickArt
Batgirl Barbara Gordon Stamp by Calaval
Barbara Dick stamp by SamThePenetrator
Stamp  Robin X Batgirl by SamThePenetrator
stamp Loki by pitchblack1994
Sauron by Coley-sXe
Young Justice - Wonder Girl Icon by lanabananakip
Arrow Stamp 1 by ZacAvalanche

Lara Croft - Stamp 5 by Miss--Valentine Lara Croft - Stamp 14 by Miss--Valentine Lara Croft - Stamp 13 by Miss--Valentine Lara Croft - Stamp 8 by Miss--Valentine Lara Croft - Stamp 9 by Miss--Valentine
Lara Croft - Stamp 10 by Miss--Valentine The_Raider by ivedada
Zatanna stamp by AnaFrost YJ Zatanna by AnaFrost Zatanna x Batman stamp by AnaFrost Zatanna by SamThePenetrator Stamp -YJ- Robtanna 01 by PJXD23
Wonderwoman Stamp by SamThePenetrator
Arya Stark stamp 2 by psyxi0
House Lannister stamp by Lisaralin House Lannister Stamp by asphycsia Game of Thrones Stamp by SpectreSinistre Game of Thrones Stamp by pixelworlds game of thrones stamp by gothicmermaid13 HBO Game of Thrones Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Jaime Lannister stamp by rann-poisoncage Stark Stamp by Leelian Tyrion Lannister by Anawielle Tyrion Lannister Stamp by duskbeguile Arya Stark by Anawielle Eddard Stark by Anawielle GoT:Robb Stark Stamp by kiananuva12 GoT: Robb Stark by kanako91 GoT:The Hound Stamp by kiananuva12 GoT:Nymeria Stamp by kiananuva12 GoT:Ghost Stamp by kiananuva12
Batman by BoundWithFoxBlood
31. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) by JMK-Prime 30. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) by JMK-Prime 29. Batman Arkham City (2011) by JMK-Prime 28. Batman Battle of the Cowl (2009) by JMK-Prime 18. Batman Vengeance (2001) by JMK-Prime 17. Batman Beyond (1999) by JMK-Prime 16. Batman Dark Knight of The Round Table (1999) by JMK-Prime 15. The Batman Chronicles (1998) by JMK-Prime
I Love Yuri Stamp by MiziLove
Stephen Amell stamp by BundyNaan Arrow stamp by BundyNaan
Doctor Who: History of the Time War by willbrooks
DC: Joker: Arkham Origins Stamp by ShadowHachia DC: Riddler: Arkham City Stamp by ShadowHachia DC: Yellow Lantern Sinestro: Injustice Stamp by ShadowHachia DC: Poison Ivy: DC Universe Online Stamp by ShadowHachia DC: Penguin: Arkham City Stamp by ShadowHachia DC: Killer Croc: Arkham Origins Stamp by ShadowHachia DC: Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Stamp by ShadowHachia
Once Upon A Time - Regina and Henry Signature by Eralie
Regina OUAT | Stamp by lillullabyblue OUAT Evil Queen Regina Stamp by TwilightProwler Regina Mills Stamp by umbras-et-lumina OUAT Evil Queen I Will Destroy... Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Evil Queen Stamp by TwilightProwler Once Upon a Time: Rumpelstiltskin Stamp I by seremela05 Once Upon A Time Stamp: Regina Mills by FlyingPrincess
Once Upon a Time: Rumpelstiltskin Stamp I by seremela05 Once Upon A Time Stamp: Rumplestiltskin by FlyingPrincess OUAT Mr Gold Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold + Apple Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold Stamp by TwilightProwler
KnM: Chikane x Himeko Stamp by xioccolate Once Upon A Time Stamp: Mr. Gold by FlyingPrincess Lana Parrilla Fan by N0xentra Addicted To Series by N0xentra So Good To Be Bad by N0xentra
Once Upon A Time Stamp: Mulan by FlyingPrincess OUAT Rumpelstiltskin Stamp by laughingdaredevil
Darth Sidious Fan Button by SSJ4Truntanks
DC-Marvel-fan-stamp by qBATGIRLq DC-Marvel-fan-stamp by qBATGIRLq

Smaug the Magnificent by Oreleth Gundabad Warg by Oreleth
I-heart-zatanna-stamp by MissMartian4ever
Azog Stamp by Pushdug Azog Stamp by Pushdug
Uruk-Hai Stamp by Pushdug Lurtz stamp by Pushdug
Stamp: X-men by Bampire
batgirl  gif  Cassandra  Cain by dottypurrs
Asterix Stamp by HarryWatson
batgirl  gif  Cassandra  Cain by dottypurrs
Shere Khan by VVraith Jungle Book Shere Khan Stamp by WildSpiritWolf
Don Karnage stamp by Shade-SilverWing
I love Tigers by WishmasterAlchemist
Motoko Kusanagi Stamp by She-Kaiju
Tomb Raider 7 Stamp by LeticiaOliveira13 Tomb Raider 8 Stamp by LeticiaOliveira13 Tomb Raider  Stamp by LeticiaOliveira13
Joker Thinking by Jocy-Chick
Batman Stamp by D-g-A
Darth Vader Fan Stamp by JetBlackDragon15
THE KISS by DisasterDisorder THE KISS *textless* by DisasterDisorder THE BOW *textless* by DisasterDisorder Commander Lexa by DisasterDisorder
Arya Fan Button by Chibifangirl01
Black Canary Fan Button by Chibifangirl01 Batgirl Fan by Chibifangirl01
FLAG Buffy Summers Stamp by Chibifangirl01 BtVS: Buffy Fan Button by Chibifangirl01 BtVS: Faith Button by Chibifangirl01
FLAG Lara Croft Stamp by Chibifangirl01
Save The Big Cats Stamp by TheMoonRaven
Heterosexual Darkwing Duck by Kitty-McGeeky97 Bicurious Gosalyn Mallard by Kitty-McGeeky97 Biromantic Demisexual Morgana McCawber by Kitty-McGeeky97 Aromantic Homoflexible Dr. Sara Bellum by Kitty-McGeeky97 Polysexual Launchpad McQuack by Kitty-McGeeky97
Gray-asexual Megavolt by Kitty-McGeeky97 Homoromantic Pansexual Quackerjack by Kitty-McGeeky97 Demipansexual Bushroot by Kitty-McGeeky97 Bisexual Liquidator by Kitty-McGeeky97 Aromantic Negaduck by Kitty-McGeeky97
dc joker stamp by Triyune
Hades Fan Button by LizRenKnight
Luke Skywalker X Mara Jade Fan Button by LizRenKnight
Fan Button - Aki Izayoi Fan Button by BeckyVida Fan Button - Aki X Yusei Fan Button by BeckyVida



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